Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GBI Bontang "Graceful Families"

Bethel Indonesia Church Bontang East Kalimantan-Indonesia -"Graceful Families"

Graceful Families is the motto and also the vision of this church. Everything that we have done is only by His Grace. We also have a great desire to do all of His works not only "to Jesus " but also "to be with Jesus".. To live in His Grace everyday is very Important for us। Without His Grace we are nothing ! Because we are no strength, and no power, also no ablelity to get something. Especially to face with all hinders in front of us.we feel very weak.
We will do everything to pleasing Him so we can enter and receive the abundance of His Grace to do all of His works in our live. We could have everything just by His Grace, The Lord's Grace that we have receive is not only Salvation but also all of His goodness and His kindness that He has shown to us. We need live in His Fullness of His Grace every day. Have you ever imagined how queen Esther got the Grace from king Ahasuerus in the book of ESTHER 5:1-3 ?? Look ! If we can pleasing our King , He will bless us not according by our capacity but according by His capacity! Can you imagine how big is His capacity that He wants to give you ??? BRING DOWN ALL OF THE RICHES OF HIS KINGDOM UPON US.

This church is a branch of Bethel Indonesia Church at Samarinda Mal Lembuswana, it has existed since 1999 and got two times of devided। Since April 7th,2004 Pastor Samuel Irwan Santoso has placed by his senior pastor (Pst.King Anderonikus) at this church, he realized that he didn't have an ablelity to lead this church but by Jesus' grace he took a decision to serve His people in this church. At that time he was 31 years old. He served only 11 people at that church when he started to pastoring and during one year he was serving the church faithfuly God has added some people to join with him at now (2007) we have had around 82 congregations inside. He learns how to seek God's Grace and all of His goodness to lead this church and also for his family. Eventhough Samuel had an unablelity at his both eyes, he tried to faithfull certainly to serve His people. He has no tears for 9 years because his tears-duct does not produce tears anymore and also his corneas became blurred.

This building surely does not a church. The building is a hall belongs to National Indonesia Army and since 1999 we have had permitted by chief of National Indonesia Army to use this hall for sunday service. We have sunday service every sunday morning at 09.00 at this hall. We are longing to have our own building to be our church to invite His Shekinah Glory come down at this city.

Only By His Grace we have recieved allthing that we need to serve Him in this city. . We are longing to bring and impart all of His grace to all of congregations so they can learn how to depend on God totally. Live in His grace. We always open the oppurtunity to all congregation who want to serve God. They can be a worship Leader, musician, usher and all thing that they can do for God in church. We have more than 7 diakens and some musicians also Our mission are reach the lost at any cost and Help ensure that the Gospel is presented by the power of Holy Ghost with culture revance and sensitifity to all peoples at Kalimantan. We will train them to do personal evangelism And we train the congregation about how to serve God and give them some exercises. We always make mass evangelism to reach every peoples in Bontang City thee times a year.

Pastor Samuel has lead this church for more than three years. This church also has secretariat on Jalan Parikesit No.68 Bontang East kalimantan Phone 62 548 29525. Mobile +628125549996 He and his Family try to give the best for His work in this city. He disciples all of congregation. He also birng the wind of revival at that church. His vison is for this church is to be a mission church. He has had mission gospel mission trip to many churches at many cities

Erna Tjandra is as his beloved wife always helps and prepare all things in his ministry. His daugthers Ellyn Princessa Santoso(9 years old) and Elsha Hosana Santoso(8 Years Old) always be a special joy for his live. They are very lovely and full of grace. They are the completeness of our joy.
Rev.Samuel Irwan Santoso,S.Th in his limited vision of his both eyes he got the grace of God so he has graduated at High School of Theologyuniversity "Duta Panisal" Jember East Java on March 20th, 2007 in his scholarly of Thoelogy. He was also being a participant of Haggai Institute in Maui-Hawaii USA on April 3rd to 30th,2007 to study about evangelism, leadership and also church pastoring. God also has sent him to many cities in Indonesia to be a great testimony in many churches. God also has brought him to many countries to serve God's people at averseas. He went to Singapore, Malaysia,India, Emirate Arab, Bahrain, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Japan and also USA. His teaching and ministry has blessed many people and restored them and also God used him to be His instrument for devine healing ministry .
All things that He got was only By God's Grace, Not by his might and not by his power but Only by God's Grace. Live in Grace is his longing.
He said, "Eventhough I have some physical limited in my body but to be with Jesus so I will be unlimited to reach His purpose-Glorify Thy name!"